CD7-ZPL White


CODE's first oversized polo shirt is now available. It features a three-dimensional print of the CODE logo on the left chest, a triangle-shaped CODE logo silicone patch under the back collar, and a jacquard woven flat elastic with the CODE logo on the cuffs. The length and neck area are kept at a moderate size, and the trendy oversized silhouette creates a cozy look. The hem is adjustable to prevent flapping (using a cord with logo), so it can be worn either bottom in or bottom out.

This sustainable item is made of dry-touch recycled polyester yarn. Excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties keep you comfortable.

This product is a unisex item. Please check size details for details.

How to care
·Please turn it inside out and use the laundry net.
·When ironing, please apply a cloth and avoid ironing the attached parts.
·Please do not iron the printed parts directly.

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