Gauge Aim Polo Grey


Quick dry short-sleeved polo made of lightweight jacquard material.Heart-scull embroidery on the left chest, logo charm on the collar, metal button with logo engraved on the placket, and skull swing embroidery on the right side. The loose body and sharp sleeves are combined to create a sophisticated style.It is calculated to accommodate large movements during swing, and the front and rear sleeve lines are shifted to create a pattern that gives you plenty of room.Not only the design, but also the functionality of the suit is well thought out.

Mark & LONA's signature "TM CAMOPATTERN" (patented with design trademark) is expressed in lightweight, fast-drying, high-spec jacquard material.Another point is that it uses a dyed yarn with excellent color development.

How to care
・ It is strictly prohibited to leave it on.
・ Please turn it inside out and use the laundry net.
・ Please do not wash with other items when washing.
・ Please do not overlap with other laundry while wet.
・ Please adjust the shape and dry it in the shade.
・ When ironing, please apply a cloth and avoid ironing the attached parts.

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