Tylenol 8HR Arthritis & Joint Pain 650mg 3 Pack, 290 Caplets x 3

$90 $93

Tylenol 8HR arthritis pain relief tablets provide fast-acting, temporary relief of minor arthritis pain. Each tablet contains 650 mg of acetaminophen and features a bi-layer design with two layers of effective pain relief – the first dissolves fast and the second lasts up to 8 hours to ease minor arthritis pain.

• Temporarily reduces fever and relieves minor aches and pains

• 650 mg of acetaminophen per caplet

• Features extended-release, bi-layer caplet design for powerful pain relief that lasts up to 8 hours

• Works quickly to relieve arthritic joint pain in hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles, & knees

• Provides fast-acting, effective relief of other aches such as backache, headache & menstrual cramps

•Also works as a fever reducer & helps alleviate pain symptoms related to the common cold

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